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Areas of Interest

  • Collaborative Filtering
  • Information Retrieval
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Applied Linguistics

Groups and Collaborations

Co-leader of Computational Intelligence Research Group (CIRG)

The CIRG research group are involved in research Information Retrieval, Linguistics, Evolutionary Computation, Computational Intelligence in Games and Evolutionary Game Theory. Members of the group are funded by a number of sources including IRCSET postgraduate schemes, NUI Galway's Hardiman scholarship, IRCSET/Marie-Curie INSPIRE postdoctoral fellowship and the College of Engineering and Informatics scholarships.

Previously, member of PRA Applied Linguistics Research Group

The PRA Applied Linguistics Research Group explores projects and potential collaborations in the areas of Applied Linguistics. Specifically the group are working on projects in Politeness Detection, an Interpreter Aid (based on glossaries), and a translation aid to help Medical Practitioners.

Collaborator on Apiculture project on Native Irish Honey Bees

The project involves the gathering and analysis of data from beekeepers on native Irish honey bees. An important first part of the project is the development of an online system which will allow beekeepers to easily enter data on their honey bees on a frequent basis. A prototype of the system has been built and further development with more advanced features to allow for the summary and analysis of the data are planned.

Previously, collaborator on CARS project with Insight DERI: Digital Enterprise Research Institute

The project involves personalization with the focus of increasing sales and customer satisfaction and retention in an e-commerce domain in the book industry. The project seeks to develop a tool which graphically represents a "mind map" of related categories and sub-categories related to a topic of interest to a customer. Each leaf node of a category is associated with one or more books.

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