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School and University Administration (2021 -2022)

  • Programme Director, Higher Diploma in Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • 1st Year BSc in Computer Science and Information Technology (1BCT) Coordinator (2012-Present)
  • University Exam Security and Appeals Committee Member (2019-Present)
  • University Exam Appeals Committee Member (2012-Present)
  • School of Computer Science Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member
  • School of Computer Science Promotion and Marketing Committee Member
  • School of Computer Science Quality Review Self-Assessment Team Member

Previous Administration

  • Social Media Presence Coordinator (2009-2021)
  • Equality and Diversity Officer (2012-2021)
  • Academic Council Member (2018-2021)
  • Member of Working Group on Workload Allocation Model Guidelines (2018)
  • College Academic Simplification Committee Member for Maths (2011-2012)
  • College Hardiman Scholarship Assessor (2012-2013)
  • MSc Internal Examiner:
    • 2017: A Novel Library Search Approach: The ‘Contains’ Concept: Ankita Garg
    • 2015: Comparative Study of Euclidean and Hyperbolic Random Geometric Graphs with the Erdos Renyi Model of Random Graph, and the impact of Graph Topology on Game-Theoretic Processes in the Prisoner's Dilemma, Christine Marshall, MSc
    • 2014: Graph-based Relatedness Retrieval and Similarity on DBpedia for Exploratory Navigation, Samantha Shuet Ting Lam, MSc
    • 2014: Evolving Coordination in Real-Time Strategy Games using Genetic Programming, David Keaveney, MSc
    • 2013: Effects of Interactive Features on Learning Efficiency and Satisfaction in a video-based Learning Environment, Barry Coughlan, MSc
    • 2013: Evolving Coordination in Real-Time Strategy Games using Genetic Programming, David Keaveney, MSc
  • PhD Internal Examiner:
    • 2020: Applying Informal Health Reports and Search Queries for Public Health Monitoring: An Evaluation of Characteristics, Potentials, and Requirements of Online Self-Reporting, Discussions, and Search Behaviour, Joana Carina Marques Barros
    • 2013: The Evolution of Groups for Common Pool Resource Sharing, Dr. Alan Cunningham
  • 2nd BA in I.T. Year Tutor (2011-2012)
  • 2nd BSc in IT Year Tutor (1998-1999 and 2001-2002).
  • BSc in Biomedical Science, IT Coordinator (from 1998 to 2006 and 2007 to 2008)
  • IT Liaison person for IT Subjects in Science (1999-2006).

Community and Outreach

  • Academic lead on NUIG Google Developer Student Club (2020-2021 and 2021-2022).
  • Founder and organizer of Computer Science “Solve-It Sessions” (2018 and 2019).
  • Member of Irish Network for Gender Equality at National 3rd Level Institutes for Computing (Ingenic). Attended Ingenic workshops – 06/09/2018 in UCD; 11/01/2019 in DCU. Co-hosting 4th Ingenic workshop in NUIG, 17/06/2019.
  • Organised Google visit and presentation by Dr Laura Dragan (Google UK) 22/10/2018.
  • Attended Google Faculty Curriculum Workshop, August 15th-17th 2018, London
  • Invited speaker at Google Developer’s Group Galway Women Techmakers “On the Tech Road” Open Night Event (September 2016).
  • Undergraduate open day participation.
  • 2017 and 2018 CS & IT Summer school participation.

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